Why it works

The Sleep Better System teaches people how to reduce 24-hour hyperarousal holistically, using sleep-inducing techniques that can be practiced during the day and at night.

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No gadgets  –  No medications

This system centers on slow, gentle, yet remarkably effective, micro movements that initiate and amplify the body’s relaxation response. These sleep-inducing techniques shift the nervous system into a state of profound physical and mental repose that lulls you to sleep.

Unlike exercise and nutrition, sleep continues to be neglected by most people. The need for sleep should not be labeled an inconvenience.

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Better sleep will add years to your life
and make those years more joyful

Balance Of Health…Is Sleep

While many companies offer programs to encourage better nutrition and physical activity, few have yet to tap into the resource of sleep management programs. Be proactive! Teach the members of your organization the importance of Sleep Management. Your staff and...