Corporate Sleep Management Program

Poor sleep undermines work performance. Research published in McKinsey Quarterly draws urgent attention to the “organizational cost of insufficient sleep.” Sleep deficiencies affect higher order cognitive processes such as decision making, problem solving, organizing, planning, and executing. One component of the success and future of your organization depends on the ability of your staff and employees to successfully display effective leadership behaviors and promote innovative ideas.


Corporations have long understood the benefit of promoting health initiative programs, focusing on two main components: nutrition and exercise. Now, it’s sleep. Scientific evidence overwhelmingly points to a critical link between sleep and all major aspects of health and well-being. Unfortunately, our rapid-paced society makes it nearly impossible to get the recommended hours of sleep.


Corporate Man Sleeping


Lack of sleep destroys the creativity, initiative, and resilience
that organizations thrive on


Sleep - Exercise - Health Eating

While many companies offer programs to encourage better nutrition and physical activity, few have yet to tap into the resource of sleep management programs. Be proactive! Teach the members of your organization the importance of Sleep Management. Your staff and employees will benefit from learning skills and tools to easily and effectively release physical and mental stress to promote peaceful sleep.

FeldenkraisAustin offers the Sleep Better System. The Sleep Better System teaches people mindfulness-based, sleep-inducing techniques centered on slow, gentle movements that make falling and staying asleep easy and pleasurable. Discover, first hand, how your organization and its members will benefit.

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